Coddies started with a question: why do shoes need to be boring? The answer was: they don’t! Shoes, we realised, can show just as much of your personality as your favourite T-shirt or that kooky hat you like to wear, you know the one. 

Not only do shoes not have to be boring, they also have the power to make you happy. We are committed to creating footwear that is versatile and comfortable but above all, undeniably fun. We challenge you to slip on a pair of Cabbage Creepers or Loafers and not let a cheeky grin play across your lips. 

We created Coddies because when we put on our very first pair of Fish Flip Flops and strolled around town, we received the kind of attention that a black boot or a battered trainer can only dream about: wide grins, a little chuckle, looks of astonishment, even. From that moment, we were hooked (pun very much intended) and ever since we’ve been combing the depths of our imagination for the wackiest, most fin-teresting footwear styles on Cod’s green earth. 

5% of Coddies net proceeds are donated to ocean conservation causes to save our fish - cod included! We are currently clearing plastic from the Oceans of India and Indonesia in partnership with Handprint.

Coddies is leading the footwear revolution, armed with an arsenal of very bad puns and a determination to stand out in a sea of boring, uninspiring footwear, and we hope you’ll join us. 

Perch out x