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The summer is here and you are already looking for the means to escape the scorching heat. Summertime is probably the best and the worst of all. The best because it gives you the time to gulp down chilled beers one after the other. The worst because it makes you sweat bullets at the same time. You decide which side of the season you would like. Team Coddies love the summer.

You can have a perfect summer season with maximum enjoyment if you just have all the essentials for it. This blog gives you a list of 10 top accessories to make your summer season comfortable to the maximum.

1. T-shirts

T-shirts are the comfort clothing for the summer season. Buy yourself some great t-shirts to escape the stifling heat of the season when indoors. It is the first essential thing for your summer-ready kit. Nothing can make you as contented and relaxed as a lightweight T-shirt under the blazing sun. There are many fashionable T-shirts on the market today. Grab some cool t-shirts to make a statement of your own. Beat the heat with a pinch of fashion and get some good-looking t-shirts.

2. Sunglasses

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What are summers without sunglasses? It is an unsaid rule to wear the sunnies when out in the sun. They are both your style statement and your protective gear. Sunglasses help you save your eyes from excessive sunlight while helping you see clearly at the same time. These days, they are more about the fashion quotient they add to your look. No matter what purpose you use them for, keep your pair of sunglasses ready to face the summer heat. There are many eyeglasses available in the form of sun shades as well. Make sure you keep your eyes well-protected from the sun.

3. Water Bottle with fruit infuser

One thing that cannot be stressed more for the summer season is staying hydrated. You have to take in as much water as possible, on top of a minimum of 8 litres. A water bottle with fruit infuser, therefore, becomes an important part of your summer essentials. You can carry flavoured water everywhere and stay refreshed all day with this product. The best part is that the fruit can be reused afterwards.

4. Sun hat

What better way to escape the sunlight than the old-fashioned sun hat? It is not just for the beaches. Don a fashionable hat when out in the sunlight and make a stylish move with protection for your head. You should buy a wide-rimmed hat to save your forehead and a considerable area underneath from the raging heat outdoors. It is another essential part of your wardrobe. There is no doubt a sun hat can protect you while making you look dapper at the same time.

5. Waterproof Phone Case

For most of us, summers essentially mean regular visits to the pool. If you are one such person who enjoys swimming endlessly, then this is a summer essential. A waterproof phone case keeps your phone protected at all times you are near the water. This accessory finds its place in the list since many of us go swimming or make our own home pooling systems to find relief from the heat in the summers. So, on top of protecting yourself, you have to protect your gadgets as well. Get a phone dry case and forget all worries about the phone during swimming sessions.

6. Towels

One of the most important equipment of your summer kit is a towel. It is one of those things summer is incomplete without. While summer means sweating, towels are here to safeguard you. Manage your sweat and cool off the heat with dry and wet towels. These are quintessential items for the entire season. Always carry a couple of towels everywhere you go to get rid of the sweat. You can also buy wet towels and tissues to keep yourself cooled off during the hot temperature outings. Summers are the call for sweating and that means you need to keep your towels ready for the heat attacks. 

7. Floaties

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The hottest summer accessory of all time is the floatie. Literally, all the fun of the summertime translates to the floaties, for adults and kids alike. Floaties of all shapes and sizes are the coolest thing about this hot season. You can have the most fun in the pool floating around in a duck, a watermelon, or anything you like from hundreds of floatie options. It is so cool that even celebrities endorse it. Enjoy the most of pool time with one of these and keep it as an essential accessory to fight the summer heat.

8. Inflatable cooler

There is so much to prepare for the summer. After everything that you do, you might not get the summer feels without the drinks. It is such a disappointment when your drinks get warm in the summer sun. To keep all the drinks and yourself chilled, an inflatable cooler is a must-have. You cannot miss out on the cooled drinks just because you do not have the right cooler. Make sure you prep yourself for the heat with an inflatable cooler and make everyone around you happy with some ready and cold drinks. Additionally, there are just so many styles of coolers to choose from. You will be delighted to make this purchase.

9. Cocktail cups

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Last but not the least is what gives you the energy to last the season. Cocktails are the life of any and every summer gathering, be it a pool party or a group study plan. Summers cannot happen without cocktails. These are the elixir to keep you going in the heat. Therefore, another summer accessory to the list is the cocktail cups. With every new season, new styles and designs come in to give your party a great look. Buy yourself some of these cool cocktail cups and enjoy the season with some chilled drinks.

 Summers can be tough to take with all the heat, sweating, and tan. But you can prepare yourself for protection as well as fun against the high temperatures. Keep these summer essentials to make your season a good one.

10. Flip flops

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Flip flops are everything summer. Every summer season marks the return of the colorful flip-flops. It is not suitable, of course, to wear the heat bombs called shoes when you are already in so much sweat. Flip flops are the perfect way to keep your feet off the heat. They are the style statement of the season. Buy cute and funky flip flops to go everywhere you want without much worries about your feet. These will help you keep your lower body both comfortable and cool during your outing in the sun.

Speaking of flip-flops... fish flip flops are the new thing this year. Coddies have a great range of fish flip flops to spice up your summer. Take a look here

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