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It is that time of the year again when the sun shines above our heads in all its glory, after months of bad forecasts and chilly winters! We all know the sheer pleasure when the summer arrives after months of cold weather, and we like to make the most of this time by going to the beach and basking in the sunlight. Talking about the beach, what is that one thing that comes to everybody's mind when we say the word beach? Definitely flip flops! Flip flops are the simplest yet most fun footwear invented for the summer season. A pair of flip flops is a must have for the summers. They are minimalistic, fun, comfortable and very breezy, which makes them best suited for the summers.

We all like to head to the beach once in a while to celebrate the summers. Though we plan to carry all the essentials like sunscreen, a hat and a pair of sunglasses, sometimes we forget about the footwear. We go ahead with whatever footwear we are wearing only to regret our choices later when our shoes fill up with sand and chafe our foot all over. This is the very reason why flip flops were made. Easy to wear and comfortable, these flip flops cause no harm to your feet and let your feet breathe the summer air too. It is as if the inventor of flip-flops had summer in his mind while he came up with these!

All the reasons stated above are behind the fact that all the people across England and world over love flip flops so much. Owning a flip-flop is all the more necessary during summers. Let us talk about some of the surprising benefits of flip-flops. Some of them are as follows:

Easy to wear

We cannot argue with the fact that flip-flops are easy to wear and are perfect for outdoors. The simple design lets your feet breathe, and there are no straps or buckles which make them even easier to wear. You can wear one without worrying about tying any straps or strapping any buckle. So, hop your feet inside them and have fun!

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun

Ease of access

Flip flops are footwears which are readily available. You would never have to rummage through a store to find a pair of flips flops. They are those footwears which are easily available in all footwear stores and all the more readily available if you are a fan of online shopping.

Fun and quirky designs

Although flips flops, in general, are simple in their structure, they do come in a variety of designs. They come in funky designs, flashy colors, have cute motifs on them. This gives the buyer a wide range of variety to choose from. You can have multiple flip-flops for different purposes.

Feet breathe

The best thing about flip flops is that they let your feet breathe the summer air. This lets your toes get the necessary sunlight after months of wearing fully covered shoes or heels. The sunlight and air that runs through your feet and toes ensure that you do not get a fungal or bacterial infection and also avoids smelly feet. Who would have thought that flip-flops could prevent us from infections as well, turns out, they do!

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun


One would agree that flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear there ever was. The soles of the flip-flops are made of sturdy rubber which is also highly comfortable and cozy. The flip-flops do not cause your feet to itch or chafe. They keep your feet cozy and well-rested throughout the day whether you are wearing them outdoors or indoors.

Made to relax

The flip flops are meant for relaxation of feet with their breezy design. While they do a fantastic job of relaxing the feet, they also do a remarkable job in relaxing your mind. It almost feels like you are not wearing anything on your feet. Some of the researchers of cognitive psychology from the North-western University, United States have found out a parallel between psyche and the apparel and so wearing a relaxing pair of flip flops can have soothing benefits on your psyche as well.

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun


Flip-flops are not a very expensive commodity. They are made of rubber material which is not very expensive material. They ensure so much variety at a reasonable price.


Apart from the ones that I listed down, I am sure there would be countless other benefits of flip-flops. They let your feet relax which has a positive effect on your mental well being too. It indeed becomes necessary to have apparel in your closet that is so beneficial for you. So, if you still do not own a pair, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun

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