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Are you one of the fashion freaks who can’t decide which role model to follow? Or are you bored of the old school fashion bloggers and their styles? Coddies have for you a list of some really amazing fashion influencers that will change your perception of fashion in the most enthralling ways. Fashion is something whose presence can't be neglected in any aspect of life. From sky to the streets, fashion has its share in our lifestyle, the way we live and the ideology that we follow. Fashion has the potential to make others see the real you, without really narrating them the same.

A style is something that isn't present in every fashion enthusiast's way of dressing. People need to observe every aspect of the way they dress until they find the perfect one, and doing that is a daunting task. With the old-school bloggers starting off their websites as a new fashion enthusiast, now the trend has reached to different boundaries. For fashion bloggers, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other social platforms are being used to the core now. Fashion bloggers have an amazing impact on our way of dressing and help us improve our personality in the most astounding ways. 

Here are some really amazing fashion bloggers who will help you improvise on your attire astonishingly.

1. Olivia Palermo

Fashion is your taste, the way you choose to buy clothes, while style is what you do with them. This US-based fashion enthusiast defines these lines in the most commendable ways by her breath-taking styles and outfits. From summer outfits to floral spring; the blogger coordinates each one of them in a glamorous way. You can learn the latest trends in bags, clothes, accessories, and shoes by following this highly-sought after fashion freak. With a frequency of four posts per week, the blogger offers some really amazing outfit ideas to her followers. She has all the experience in the field that's needed to make her your next fashion idol.

2. Aimee Song

Aimee Song | Coddies Fish Flops Fashion Influencers

Fashion is just like a language created in the ordeals of clothes used to interpret it. Just another US-based fashion influencer, who's versatile in her own ways and likes to be self-reliant. Aimee is not just another fashion blogger; she has other talents as well which make her the ideal one. Interior designing is something else that she does along with making YouTube videos for facilitating her fashion ideas. Song is one of the elite influencers who has made a living out of her affection for fashion. With a frequency of 6 posts per week, this blogger is very regular and has the capabilities to take your fashion knowledge to another level.

3. Shea Marie

With all the latest styles and outfits, this US-based fashion enthusiast is all set to be your next fashion mentor. Fashion is all about the trends and styles that come from within your soul. Shea is not just a fashion blogger but also employs herself in the field of creative consultation, photography, model and designing. Along with flaunting her trendy outfits, the blogger designs them according to her needs and influences people with her style. With just so much work to do, along with handling various domains, the blogger posts once a month. Just one post is enough to set your fashion ideas to another level.

4. Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle Fleur | Coddies Fish Flops Fashion Influencers

Fashion bloggers know how to speak about themselves just by the clothes they wear and personality they possess. Annabelle, being a US-based influencer has rendered so much knowledge related to fashion to the American fashion freaks. The blogger says having her own fashion blog was her dream and fashion is her passion. With just the right choice of outfits and styles, this influencer will make you rock your parties and occasions. With three posts a week, the blogger influences her followers with alluring fashion thoughts and ideology. She has millions of followers who follow her from the top to the bottom.

5. Sheryl Luke

The blogger calls her blog as her "fashion wonderland" and provides some really amazing fashion knowledge to the million others who follow her unconditionally. She likes to dress preppy, glamorous and grungy most of the times but never limits herself to these choices. With a perception of exploring every style, you will find her posts in a variety of fashion fields. The ideal fashion freak is the one who never limits herself to the styles that look commendable on her. Diversity is the key to fashion and this blogger follows this ideology. With a frequency of two posts per week, you can elevate your fashion knowledge to some high levels by following her.

6. Julia Engel

Julia Engel | Coddies Fish Flops Fashion Influencers

As some famous fashion influencer rightly said, a girl should be two things, classy and fabulous, this blogger defines the statement. With knowledge of fashion and design, she has every quality that the ideal blogger should have. Her blog "Gal meets glam" is regularly updated and contains some really astonishing posts to give your fashion ideas a boost. The blogger likes to keep it simple with nude oxfords and casual outfits but looks enthralling in each one of them. She often includes bold color-blocking in her outfits or a change. With a frequency of four posts per week, the blogger is amazing in the most astonishing ways.

Jennifer Grace

It’s always better to dress up in a way that makes you both bold and beautiful. Confidence is the key to attention, and this fashion blogger justifies this completely. Being a US-based blogger, she is both confident and pretty, just what it takes to win the hearts of many. With an ideology that could take breaths away, she has some really good taste in the Boho style. She is both a creative director as well as a blogger, which makes her highly diverse and bewildering. She posts about thrice a week and makes her followers learn a lot from the posts.

7. Dylana Suarez

Dylana Suarez | Coddies Fish Flops Fashion Influencers

Fashion is the armor that could make you thrive peacefully amidst the reality of life and ways to live it. Dylana, New York-based fashion influencer is your best choice amongst those who inspire others by their style. Being a writer, stylist, and photographer, she is one multi-talented fashion freak that has the capabilities to occupy the position in your lists of favorite fashion influencers. She posts thrice a week and is magnificent when it comes to style.


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