Enjoy a Splash of Fun with Cool Flip Flops This Summer

Hello, beach bathers around the world! The summer season has set in, and it’s the time to hit the beach or make travel plans to the best beaches out there. Apart from sunglasses, swimwear, beaches, and lemonade, what else comes to your mind when the word ‘summer’ is said? Undoubtedly, it is the word Flip Flops! Summers are incomplete without flip flops, how else would you have the best and breeziest time on the beach under the sun if you don’t own a pair of cool and comfortable flip flops!

Flip flops rule the summer footwear segment singlehandedly and for a reason, they are cool, airy and light. They let your feet soak in a little sunlight too. At Coddies, we make the quirkiest and the funkiest flip flops you will ever lay your eyes on!

Coddies is a new creative brand that was established in 2018 to bring about an innovation in the footwear industry. The lines of footwear available in the present footwear market is dominated by conventional and traditional designs. Out of a need to innovate footwear design and how people look at them, we at Coddies have come up with our flagship product, which goes by the name Coddies Fish Flip Flops.

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun
With this product, Coddies have brought about an innovation in the design of footwear and aspires to spread the outreach and offline presence of our new, trendy and funky Fish Flip Flops! The major agenda of Coddies is to give you a happy, quirky and humorous appeal and outlook about your footwear and overall personality. So, if you are a person who likes to experiment with styles and wants some fun element in your closet, you must own a pair of Coddies Fish Flip Flops. They make for humorous and creative gifts and are also great conversation starters!

They are best suited for young males and females from the ages of 18 to 30 and make you stand out wherever you sport them. These fish styled shoes are not just quirky and funky; they are also functional in all places. You can wear them to pool parties, to the swimming pool, to hangouts, to the beach or anywhere else you want! Coddies have given a cool rejig to the line of current footwear available in the market and have a strong online presence. The main ethos surrounding these fish flip flops is of being happy, humorous and confident the way you are. Coddies, with their flip-flops, lets you experiment with an innovative and unconventional style and makes you the centre of attraction of any party or get together. 

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun
Fish Flip Flops is the flagship product that Coddies has developed. As the name suggests, Fish Flip Flops are a pair of cool and funky flip flops that are in the shape of fish! Yes, you heard that right! A highly trendy pair of flip flops, these Fish Flip Flops have been a favourite ever since they hit the market.

And they are not just all cool, quirky and funky. Coddies Fish Flip Flops have many other features too which make them the favourite footwear of so many people! At Coddies, you can be guaranteed:

Light Weight: Coddies Fish Flip Flops are featherweight and so light that you can carry them anywhere you want. They can be easily stuffed in any of your bags or luggage without worrying about the space and the weight of the flops. So, if you are taking a vacation on the beach and want to travel light, pack these cute and light Coddies Fish Flip Flops for no hassles and absolute fashion!

• Elastic: Coddies Fish Flip Flops not only stand up to your style and quirk game but are also super comfortable. The skin of these Fish slippers is smooth, and they have the much-needed elasticity in them to let your feet breathe in the sea breeze.

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun
• Wear Resistant: Coddies are wearing resistant, that means you can wear them to any terrains and use them thoroughly without worrying about the wear and tear.

Anti-slip: You thought these cool slippers are just for the appeal, well they have many functional benefits as well. Our Fish Flip Flops are anti-slip and protect from any slippage. You can dance by the pool wearing them and jump like an ape without the worry of falling! The high-density anti-slip grip soles protect you from slipping like a real wet fish.

• Comfort: Coddies are as comfortable as you can imagine. They are airy and let your feet breathe. The EVA material which is used to make the fish flip flops is elastic, flexible and lightweight. The shockproof and flexible material protects and prevents you from any foot pain and keeps you comfortable.

• All Locations: Coddies are functional in all locations. Be it a swimming pool, beach, fishing, swimming, parties or even going out for a stroll. The material keeps your feet comfortable wherever you go!

Coddies Fish Flops, summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun
• Long Life: Our fish shoes have a long life and are built to last. The material used to make these Fish Flip Flops is tough, there is no glue and you can wash them easily!

Apart from getting the coolest designed flip flops on your feet, our Coddies Fish Flip Flip Flops have it all to ensure you the best, quirkiest and happiest experience.

If you want to surprise and humour a friend of yours who is also pretty “fishy”, these shoes make the best gift you could give them. Enjoy and splurge in the sun this summer with your friends. Don’t forget to wear these Fish Flip Flops and get the best of everything! What else would one need to make this summer fun and trendy? Get in fashion and buy your own pair of Coddies today!

Be sure to grab your Coddies today and let us know any questions you have 🐟

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