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Flip-Flops are the most trendy, fashionable and embellishing part of your entire summer look. Not only do they render you with a sense of gratification, but also make your overall look appealing to the eyes of others. Nowadays, the trendy looking flip-flops are made out of a non-biodegradable source that proves to be harmful to the environment. Hence, to tackle the issues of environmental hazard and pollution, scientists have now shifted to renewable sources for crafting the most eminent footwear of all kinds. However, they make sure that there's no compromise in the appeal, look, and astounding material, which is highly essential to crafting best flip-flops. This is a project that Coddies has been working on hard to achieve

Here are ten ideas that are well-sorted and depict the future of flip-flops in the most realistic manner.

Switch to Algae for the Most Comfortable Feel

Coddies Fish Flops: the future of flip flops

Natural sources are always the first choice, irrespective of the entity that we're using. Then, why are we still glued to the old-school, orthodox materials like leather for crafting out flip-flops? Recently, one innovation has been done by an American professor after getting inspired by the farmers of India, Africa, and China. Most of the farmers use algae as economic means of footwear, preventing them from the insects along with financial stability. Hence, the professor used a similar technique to make an Algae Flip-flop, comfortable and environment-friendly. The future flip-flops would be somewhat similar to this one, being eco-friendly as well as appealing.

Three-Dimensional Foot Scanning for Measuring Sizes

Coddies Fish Flops: the future of flip flops

Technology has been elevating with the development and globalisation is the ultimate outcome of this. With increasing technology, knowledge regarding information system sector is exponentially elevating. Scientists have already started incorporating this knowledge in creating newer and fancy innovations. One such example is the introduction of three-dimensional feet scanning for every customer who wishes to buy footwear but is unaware of his size. Seamlessly measuring the sizes while purchasing the footwear is a time-consuming, daunting and boring task. In order to tackle such situations, foot scanner will be made which scans the foot to measure its size in the most accurate manner.

Knitted Flip-Flops taking the Industry to Another Level

Coddies Fish Flops: the future of flip flops

Health is the major concern in today's generation of major disorders and diseases that are elevating with time. Ecologists have been finding ways to switch to renewable, non-biodegradable sources in every way possible pertaining to their non-toxic, non-lethal and non-fatal nature. By shifting to sources that can be renewed and used again and again, we will be doing justice to the environment that's constantly degrading. Knitted flip-flops were used earlier as economical, eco-friendly and practical footwear. People used to wear them always for the most comfortable feel without any concern of how they look. Now, with pollution at its peak, scientists do realize the need to switch to knitted flip-flops again. You might get to wear this reliable footwear anytime soon.

The flip-flop that is Environmentally Stable

The need for having a good, renewable and recycling flip-foot is increasing with the increased levels of pollution. Future flip-flops will be more eco-friendly without compromising on the appeal of it.

Digital Modeling Program for Designing Flip-flops

Coddies Fish Flops: the future of flip flops

Earlier, every entity necessary to thrive peacefully was crafted with hands, irrespective of the way the finishing was made. People never felt the need to switch to a flip-flop with different material, shape, and appeal. But, as technology crept in, made its way through the door of our generation and modified the lifestyle in an almost impossible manner, flip-flops changed drastically. Now, people started using different materials for crafting eminent flip-flops, in the process harming the environment. Also, the designing was done manually, with more of labor and hard work. But, recently a program has been made which allows the footwear manufacturers to do digital modeling and designing. Future flip-flops would surely be designed digitally, with accuracy and precision.

Flip-flops with Latest Technological Innovations

With the increasing ratio of technology in our everyday activities, it won't be surprised if advanced flip-flops emerge anytime soon. Gait monitoring, Digital localization, and GPS installations are some of the expected features in upcoming flip-flops.

Forget Self-driving Cars; it’s time for Self-driving Slippers

Self-driving cars are common now, as the automobile industry grew to three folds with the elevating technology. With just the right information and digital innovations, self-driving cars took over the market like nothing before. But, it's time for self-driving slippers to flourish now. The right amount of knowledge, technology, and equipment has made the scientists succeed in crafting a flip-flop that can park itself on its own. With two tiny wheels, a motor, and sensors to drive across the wooden lobby floor, this highly-sought after slipper is the need of the generation. With these by your side, you could get rid of losing slippers.

Gait monitoring slippers for the Alzheimer’s patient

Coddies Fish Flops: the future of flip flops

Alzheimer's disease has been associated with many other syndromes that make the life of the patient even more daunting. If these issues could be controlled, Alzheimer's wouldn't be so much tormenting for them. Also, in order to prevent Alzheimer's from getting worsened without proper diagnosis, Special flip-flops will be designed. With the right tools and information, the scientists nowadays are thinking of manufacturing a gait monitoring flip-flop to access the gait deformities. In an Alzheimer's patient, the earlier stage of the disease is accountable for differences in the normal posture with the gait being affected adversely. Flip-flops to detect these gait monitoring differences have been designed.

Flip-flops Crafted out of Baked Mushrooms

Leather, the most common material used for designing foot-wear, is the most harmful as well. Nowadays, most of the pollution that's caused is etiologically done by these non-biodegradable resources used for manufacturing flip-flops. Recently, scientists realized how deleterious these leather and other resources are, which led them to find out different sources that could replace the recent ones. Fungi are believed to be the most sorted material for manufacturing footwear nowadays. With adequate availability along with economical prices, many people have already switched to this highly sorted footwear technique. You might get hold of this astounding flip-flop anytime soon.

Cloth Flip-flops for Pleasant Walks and Tranquility

Coddies Fish Flops: the future of flip flops

Nowadays, slipper manufacturers stick to cloth material for designing the eminent flip-flops. In order to save the environment from hazardous effects that leather or other synthetic material has, cloth material is more preferred in the coming days.

It is great to see that with technology and fashion, the environment is being taken into consideration too. These ideas that might be the future of flip-flops are not only fashionable but are also catering to the need of the hour: shifting to sustainable development and adopting an eco-friendly alternative for commodities.

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