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Team Coddies Fish Flops Rickshaw Run through India

Team Coddies on the Road

August 21, 2018

We are proud to announce Team Coddies are on track!

Coddies has two teams taking part in The Rickshaw Run, an epic Indian adventure spanning 1500 miles from Jaisalmer in the North of India to Bangalore in the south. The Rickshaw Run is an event organised by the Adventurists and was first started in December 2006 with 34 teams. The race has come a long way since and there are currently 80 teams tooting around in India alongside Team Coddies. The race is well known for the vibrantly coloured Rickshaws that take part - each one being its own work of art.

Team Coddies Fish Flops Rickshaw Run through India

Team Coddies are journeying through some of the countries most colourful and awe-inspiring countryside... in Coddies! Yes that's right, both Rickshaws are designed like Coddies Fish Flops, and of course, the teams are all well equipped with their own pairs. 

Team Coddies Fish Flops Rickshaw Run through India

The two teams are each made up of three people with their respective green and orange coloured Coddies Rickshaws and matching Coddies. They set off from Jaisalmer one week ago and have been on the road ever since. Their journey so far has not gone off without a hitch with both teams having encountered a number of fishues. The first of which being the engine failure of both Rickshaws on route! Fortunately Team Coddies found a few talented mechanics who were able to work their magic and get them back on the road.

Team Coddies Fish Flops Rickshaw Run through India

A more serious issue has been the severe flooding in the south of India which has restricted the routes they can take and has meant that the finishing line for the race has moved from Kochi to Bangalore. The teams will therefore be heading inland from now on rather than following the coast south. They have been fortunate enough to not be directly impacted by the flooding however the same cannot be said for hundreds of thousands of Indians in the south who have been severely effected. You can read more about the flooding here and see how you can help out here.


Team Coddies are hoping to finish the face in one weeks time, and we're sharing every step of their journey. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@CoddiesOfficial) to see how they're doing! 🐟

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5.5 39 6 9.25 23.5
6 39 6.5 9.5 24.1
6.5 40 7 9.625 24.4
7 40-41 7.5 9.75 24.8
7.5 41 8 9.9375 25.4
8 41-42 8.5 10.125 25.7
8.5 42 9 10.25 26
9 42-43 9.6 10.4375 26.7
9.5 43-44 10 10.5625 27
10 43-44.5 10.5 10.75 27.3
10.5 44-45 11 10.9375 27.9
11 44-45 11.5 11.125 28.3
11.5 45-46 12 11.25 28.6
12.5 46-47 13 11.5625 29.4
13.5 47-48 14 11.875 30.2
14.5 48-49 15 12.1875 31



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