Summer Flip Flops – The Next Big Trend of 2018?

Summer Flip Flops – The Next Big Trend of 2018?

May 04, 2018

How do you welcome the summers style-wise? Don’t you agree that this is the time when being down-dressed and comfortably casual becomes stylish? After all, no one likes to appear overdressed the summer. Short sleeves, shorts, linens and all the casual or breathable clothing becomes the fashionable choices in this weather, but what about footwear? The answer is simple – summer flip flops!

Summer shoes of 2018? Coddies? Summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun
It is an undeniable fact that we have a lot of shoe options to choose from, regardless of the weather condition. However, our comfort level should be the first thing to consider important before style. The good news is that, this year the trend of casual footwear revolves around flip flops that are both, comfortable and fashionable.

What could be more comfortable than roaming around the street or hitting the beach in a pair of simple flip flops? Many of you may not consider it as a stylish option for the feet, but flip flops can surprisingly be cool, chic and elegant at the same time.
Are you not convinced yet? Scroll down and read on to strengthen your decision!

Summer shoes of 2018? Coddies? Summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun

The summer footwear scenario
Over the years, several designers of footwear have been launched with amazing open-toed options. This now includes as at Coddies, we would like to present our innovative take on summer footwear to stand out in the crowd. Flip flops that are currently dominating the market display styles, design, and even colours that are similar despite having different brand names. Coddies footwear, however, stands out amongst hundreds of others present in the market; all thanks to its eye-catching design and reasonable prices. It is a fish out of water, quite literally, and is set out to be the next big trend in 2018 (no bias of course 😉).

Summer shoes of 2018? Coddies? Summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun
Coddies as a trendsetter for 2018
Coddies launched with a line of fish style flip flops and slides in early 2018 to take the summer footwear market by storm. Yes! Not only do the slippers look like fish; they are lightweight, durable and comfortable enough to be worn around the house, town, beach or just anywhere. It showcases a fresh, out-of-the-box creation, and can make a great gift for anyone who has the desire to stand out in the crowd. It’s all about being fun and happy with a cute, stylish pair of functional flip flops. Really, you will be hooked on to these beauties, and keep reeling for more all summer!

Summer shoes of 2018? Coddies? Summer flip flops, fish shoes, fish slippers, sun, fun

Bottom Line
All in all, flip flops are preferred for their versatility as they can be paired up with anything from gym clothes to beach wear and casual clothes. Besides, you can flaunt them in various weather conditions. So, it’s about time to take this open-toed footwear from being the most unfashionable footwear to a hip option, and Coddies have strived to do so quite well. What are your opinions on this? Are you going to catch this trend or let it slip from your hands?

Be sure to grab your Coddies today and let us know any questions you have 🐟
Perch out x

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